Paul Belanger paul.belanger at
Mon May 10 16:48:26 BST 2010

Hello list,

My name is Paul Belanger (I'm also known as pabelanger on #ubuntu-motu
(#asterisk-dev, #asterisk-bugs).

I'm 32 years old and live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (my mother-tongue
is English).

I have a good knowledge of C and a excellent knowledge of VoIP, IP
Telephony and Asterisk.
I'm particularly interested in everything Asterisk related.
I have been using Ubuntu since 2005 and have been using Linux since 1995.
Software I use everyday: Asterisk, ubuntu-desktop
Software I actively contribute on: Asterisk
Software I look forward packaging: asterisk-core-sounds, asterisk-moh,

My launchpage page is:

I have been working on the following Ubuntu bugs:

I have already started packaging the sound files, and would only
require minor mentoring:

Paul Belanger
Polybeacon | Consultant
Jabber: paul.belanger at | IRC: pabelanger (Freenode)

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