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I've followed this list a little, but i would like to see if i could
get some guidance or links/who to talk to on this.

For about a year now i've been designing my own Programming Language,
its not ready for public consumption since there is a lot of work in
this project, but i am working towards a 0.5 release which will
contain the core features of the language and runtime library etc.
Though will be lacking the nice features I've been designing which set
this language apart from others like Perl and Python.

My question is, how do you go about packing something like this where
you have a language runtime library somewhere on the machine, and how
you can register more modules or libraries etc. Like Perl has to
register its newly installed modules and Python they are dumped into
some directory, haskell has cabal etc... Not sure how to handle all of
this correctly i think i need to direct some of this question to
Automake also, since this is what i am using for my build system
Autotools since its all implemented in C with some Perl scripts
floating about. What should get installed is the interpreter itself
then some other tools, which is fine then there is a shared library +
headers for embedding the language and also the language runtime API,
which is lots of source files written in the language itself.

Anyways thanks!!

- --Phil
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