Introduction and a couple of questions

Petar Vasic p.vasic at
Sun Feb 14 17:40:03 GMT 2010

Hi all!

I'm Petar (p-vasic on launchpad, v0xel elsewhere), and while I've been
a long time Ubuntu and Linux user (I've been using Ubuntu since first
version, and linux since 2001), the only things I've contributed are
couple of simple patches to Quickly and some other projects.

Recently, I've started a python project [1] using Quickly, and I've
been using PPAs to distribute it. However, I've come to a point where
I needed a python module that is not yet packaged for Ubuntu (or
Debian), so I'm using it as an opportunity to get the know the
packaging process, and to get involved in MOTU.

I've read all of the documentation I could find, made a package
following guidelines as closely as I could, and uploaded it to

Since this is my first try at this, I've made some mistakes.

Now, I've made the changes suggested by REVU, but since this is a new
package and not yet in Ubuntu, should I increase the revision and
upload it again? Or is there some other procedure in this case?

I'm hoping to become a regular MOTU member (focusing on python modules
and programs built with python), so any comments and advice is



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