Steve McGrath smcgrath23 at
Thu Feb 4 19:26:22 GMT 2010


	I am Steve, or mr_steve on IRC. I have been trying to contribute
to Ubuntu as much as possible in my spare time, and I think I'd like to
get a bit more into packaging. I have packaged a few things for my own
use in my PPA, but I'd like to work on getting some thing into the
official Ubuntu repos.

	Right now, for instance, I have a new package for
cnetworkmanager, a CLI tool for controlling NetworkManager, sitting in
REVU. It's the first package I've ever submitted.

	I have been reading as much of the documentation as I can find
on packaging, and the Ubuntu MOTU team. I think that I would like to
eventually work towards becoming a MOTU myself.

	Anyway, I thought I would just send out an introduction to the
list here, and maybe someone can give me some tips on getting started
with contributing and maintaining packages in Ubuntu.


-Steve McGrath

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