Repuiring Mentor

Enoch Tetteh enomec at
Fri May 1 21:46:27 BST 2009

I just subcribed.I have knowledge of Java programming and have learnt C++.I am currently learning how to write computer graphics(3D) programs using Opengl.
    I am 3rd year Medical Student(22 years old) in Ghana(University of Ghana Medical School).Surprising as it might be, am crazy about computers.I learnt Linux uses Opengl and looking forward to contributing in the area of graphics.
Got introduced to Linux(Ubuntu) not long hence not an expert user.Benefiting from free softwares over the years,i find it responsibly to contribute to its development and therefore would like to apply for a mentor so i can get started as soon as possibly.
  Thank you.
I ma sending this again because i got it back in my inbox and don't know it has been received.


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