Request for mentor

Tristan Greaves tristan at
Mon Mar 23 08:36:15 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I am looking for a kind mentor to look after me.

I'm Tristan, and I've been using Linux of some description since my 
university years (around 1996).  Back then it was Slackware followed by 
Red Hat, but now I consider myself a Ubuntu convert.  Booting my laptop 
up and seeing all the hardware registered seamlessly makes me realise 
how far things have come.

I develop under Linux in my day job, although this is Perl/web/Oracle 
related.  I feel it is time to get a bit more hands on with packet 
management, as it is almost like I am missing out.

I have started helping out with bugs and so on via Launchpad:

Although I notice I can't change bug priorities (such as setting to 
'Wishlist') just yet.

I have been reading through the package literature, and downloading 
package sources to see how they tick.  I need to start being guided a 
bit more - such as, which packages would be good to start trying to 
bring in?  Which ones to merge?  What's the procedure for taking a raw 
package from Debian and bringing it into Ubuntu?  And so on...

I'm running jaunty, and am aware it is feature frozen right now -- so is 
it possible to use the REVU process as a result?

I am based in the United Kingdom.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


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