How to maintain an upstream package with bzr?

Juan Jesús Ojeda Croissier juanje.ojeda at
Tue Jul 21 01:08:14 BST 2009

Hi ;-)

I'm working at Guadalnex distribution (which is an Ubuntu derivative
one) and we have some software we (or people for us) has made and we
like to get into Debian and Ubuntu. That software was always released
as a debian package and we are maintaining them now in Launchpad with

Well, my problem is that I'm don't know (and I've been reading and
searching a lot the last 3 weeks) how is the proper way to do it.
I'll explain myself... Before we had a bad version style, we were
versioning the packages as a native packages (0.1.3 or 1.0.2guada2).
That was really easy for us and our buildding system (a buildbot with
some home made hooks) was working fine. The problem show up when we
change the version to non-native package (0.1.3-1 or 1.0.2-2). Then
lintian cry about the "debian/watch" file or a "get-orig-source"
target at "debian/rules" file. Also de dpkg-buildpackage ask for a
*.orig.tar.gz file which doesn't exist...

We don't release tarballs and we don't really want to do it (if we can
avoid it). We are upstream project and the ones who maintain the
packages and is a lot easier to maintain everything in the same bazaar

I've been tring to create a debian/watch file or get-orig-source
target to export the source and create a *.orig.tar.gz but it wasn't
working well. Actually I think the debian/watch or the get-orig-source
did't get called.. but now I not quite sure... to much tests...
Is there anythink, but to create de debian/watch file, I need to do to
get it called? I was following the doc I found at the wiki[1] and more
other info I found in internet.

I also tried 'bzr builddeb', wich was working fine with the 'split
mode', but my problem is that when I try to build the package with
'pbuilder' or similar tool, it doesn't call 'bzr builddeb', so It
doesn't make the magic with the export and so on.
I didn't try to upload that way to my ppa or revu because I guessed
that it doesn't work with pbuilder in my machine, neither it will on
Ubuntu servers.

My question is: Is there any way to maintain a package with bazaar
without to have to release the tarballs?

If there is no way we will release the tarball and change the
debian/watch files, but now I'm really courious about if there is a

Thanks for your time :-)

PS: BTW, it could be interesting for the training sessions to have one
about how to manage new non-native packages in Ubuntu. I think many
people here create new tools which are not Ubuntu exclusive and
probably they'are been released as native package just because the
difference is not always clear at the documentation. Well, at least I
know a few friends that happened to them.


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