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Sun Feb 1 12:29:33 GMT 2009

I've generated symbols file on my machine and It builds fine (i386).

On AMD64 [p]debuild fails. And spits out this *huge* diff [1].

In that diff I have three types of lines:

+ _ZThn112_N5sword3zLDD0Ev at Base 1.5.11-0ubuntu1~dima5~intrepid1

+#MISSING: 1.5.11-0ubuntu1~dima5~intrepid1# _ZThn20_N5sword5RawLD9decrementEi at Base 1.5.11

- _ZNSt11_Deque_baseIN5sword10QuoteStack13QuoteInstanceESaIS2_EE17_M_initialize_mapEj at Base 1.5.11

What bothers me is that I'm thinking in binary eg. + means new symbol - means no symbol.
The confusing lines are the +#MISSING. How is it different from the - symbols?

Also is there a good in depth guide to autotools+libtool from packagers point of view? Cause I
think I need to refactor the build system of the upstream. The library and binaries are getting
link with libraries that they don't use symbols from. 


You can't miss that diff, towards the bottom =D
With best regards

Ледков Дмитрий Юрьевич

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