Seeking Mentor for Packaging Smalltalk Project

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre at
Tue Dec 8 02:27:28 GMT 2009


I was planning on answering sooner, but wasn't exactly sure if that
was a request for the mentoring program or help with specific
packaging aspects. By all means, don't hesitate to ask specific
questions on stuff you don't understand or are unsure about from the
Packaging Guide or other resources...


> The script jukebox is simply a bash script that makes starting the virtual
> machine with the necessary modules MUCH cleaner.
> It is my intent to have the entire directory mentioned above copied by the
> installer to /usr/local/ and to place a link to the script jukebox in /bin/

You would probably want to keep all of this in a directory under
/usr/lib or /usr/share in a directory by the name of your package, and
install the jukebox script directly under /usr/bin, as to conform as
much as possible with the FHS.


> progress then apt-get source my package from my repo or wget the .deb at

I have to admit I checked really fast, but couldn't find an easy way
to get the source for your package...

Additionally, since you say you built it with Cincom SmallTalk and
ship the virtual machine, I'd be careful about the licensing for your
program, and especially 'jukebox.dat'. That however doesn't
necessarily preclude that you could package it and keep it in on your
own repository, but binary bits that have uncertain licensing are
usually harder to have accepted in the official repos :)

/ Matt

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