Source package requirements

Jeroen Koekkoek jeroen at
Sat Aug 1 13:36:24 BST 2009


My name is Jeroen Koekkoek. I created deb packages of the short list below.


The last three packages are all needed to build and use WSO2 WSF/PHP.
The last two are newer versions of the ones available in Ubuntu already.

The packages are all based on svn checkouts. Normally I would have just
called autogen from debian/rules, but generating the documentation
relies on doxygen and creating a dist source relies on maven 1.x. Maven
1.x isn't in the Ubuntu repositories and having a build dependency on
Java and doxygen seems like to much overhead. So instead I fixed some
issues regarding "make dist" and created my own "official" .tar.gz files.

I'd really like these packages to be in the official Ubuntu
repositories, since WSO2 WSF/PHP provides the best SOAP/WSDL
implementation for PHP from what I've seen.

Will these .tar.gz files be accepted as Debian source packages when I
try to get them into the Ubuntu repositories?

Best Regards,

Jeroen Koekkoek

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