Eagle package update?

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at gmail.com
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2009/4/2 Shashank Chintalagiri <shashank.chintalagiri at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I'd like to point out that the Stable released Eagle version is 5.40 while
> that in the repos is 4.17r2. Is this on purpose due to some licensing
> issues, or is it just a matter of the requirement of a maintainer. If it is
> the later, I'd like to volunteer to help maintain the eagle packages (I
> might need some pointers/help in this regard, but on the whole I should be
> able to handle most of the required work)

I'm not that connected with the issue, but I use Eagle. Version 5.40 is
significantly different from 4.17r2 and there are a few things I personally
don't like about the newer version and a few other people I work with don't
like either. For example my university will not switch from 4.17r2 (they are
using freeware so the license cost is not an issue) and many other company's
are using v4 as well.

Second point is that Eagle is close-source software hence their packages
contain "binary" blobs as provided by the Cadsoft (is that the correct
company? got it off top of my head.)

The binaries they provide for new version work on Ubuntu just fine.

In the spirit of open-source and actually using full software (free Eagle
limits the size of the board) I've moved to gEDA suite. Which is much more
powerful for my small personal projects. Give it a spin. It's very nice the
autorouter and libraries are a bit less populated as compared with Eagle but
they are rich enough.

Your packaging willingness is welcome and is appreciated!!! I think gEDA has
a packaging team which you might want to join. Also have you thought of
doing packaging on the Debian side? They have (among others) math & science
packaging teams which you might be interested in!

> *Thanks
> *Shashank
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