Help on bug fixing

Cesare Falco cesare.falco at
Mon Sep 29 20:50:37 BST 2008

Hi there,

I'd like to fix the filed bug on btpd package:

This is not trivial however, as btpd is a daemon and btcli is a command
line client for it. To debianize it properly, I've made btpd a system
daemon with its own /etc/init.d/btpd script rather than a user-launched
one, in much the same way as fetchmail works in Ubuntu.

I wonder: what should I do?

1. Should I patch the code to remove the kill command from btcli?

2. Should I simply tell the user in the Readme to start/stop the daemon
in a more ubuntu-like manner?

3. I won't revert for sure to the user daemon/client upstream pair as
this would make btpd not debian-like IMO

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
Cesare (Falco).

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