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Vincenzo Ampolo vincenzo.ampolo at
Wed Oct 1 22:47:53 BST 2008


I'm an italian student of university Politecnico di Milano interest in free 
software and open source from 7 years and i use Ubuntu since Warty Warthog 
before it i used debian.

When i used debian i packaged some applications for my little personal 
repository, now i'm interested in the D programming language and i'm trying to 
package its tool. In the meantime i want to contribute to ubuntu that in these 
years gave me a lot of software.

This is why i am submitting this request of mentoring. i've already built a 
package called dsss and it's already on revu waiting for reviews. it can be 
found here:

In these days i'm packaging libtango, , 
a basic D library.

Can someone help me being a MOTU and upload these packages to the new release?


Vincenzo Ampolo
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