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Intereasting, so when you mount your usb drive in ubuntu, go
to /media/pendrive and ls -la (-a means show all including hidden files
-l shows privalges). So you have to if you have read and write for root
at least?

Sometimes in ubuntu i prefer to go fully root like 'su -' if you set a
root password or if not 'sudo bash' should do the trick.

and you could do 'rm -rf *' (From within the pendrive)

If that doesnt work try 'chmod 777 R ../Pendrive'
and 'rm -rf *'

if that doesnt work, i would use gparted to reformat the device should
definetly do the trick

you could also before you format the device do 'fsck' to do a file
system check.

One last thing if ubuntu may have mounted the device as readonly so you
could unmount it and remount it with the correct options in /etc/fstab
is what i would do.

Anyways let us know how you get on!


On Thu, 2008-11-13 at 00:15 +0530, supravat paul wrote:
> I have a serious problem. I gave my "Pen drive " to a friend of mine,
> who is using Windows XP. His computer was effected with viruses. As a
> result my "Pen drive" becomes virus effected. I opened the Pen drive
> in Linux. I can see those virus effected files but I am unable to
> delete them. I tried to change their permissions, but it does not work
> saying an error that the files are read only. How should I delete
> them ?
> Some one please help me.
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