fixing a bug: file missing error...

Efrain efrain at
Sat Nov 8 05:02:21 GMT 2008

I am trying to fix a bug  , I have
tracked down the error to a missing xml file to be loaded from

In my update of this package I moved some paths to make the packages
cleaner when installing.

in debian/rules:
 mv $(CURDIR)/debian/kipina/usr/etc $(CURDIR)/debian/kipina/etc

 as a result of this one file with preset data for the app goes
missing. I need to make kipina-presetdata.xml file currently on /etc/
in /home/$username/.kipina

I have spent some time reading usefull the always usefull guide for
new maintainers
in debian but I can't seem to find references to installing files in
the username folder as a config file...

Could anyone give me a hint on how I should do this?

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