Merging from MoM or Dad...

Cesare Tirabassi norsetto at
Sat May 31 18:13:40 BST 2008

On Saturday 31 May 2008 14:44:40 Efrain Valles wrote:

> Are there any other things us starting out with merges should watch out
> for? any tricks you would like to share?

The only good suggestion I can give you is: use your brain.
Never blindly trust what MoM/DaD are proposing, manually check what changes 
where made by Ubuntu wrt. the base version and what changes were made by 
Debian wrt. the base version.
Don't assume that one version is better than the other unless you really 
understand why a particular change was made, in the doubt, ask the previous 
uploader or the author of that change.
And finally (hmmm, ok, it was more than one :-)) please check if Ubuntu 
changes have been reported to Debian and if not, report them. This is 
particularly useful for "cosmetic" changes (desktop files, icons, etc.) which 
would otherwise constitute a permanent delta for not much (in my opinion) 


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