Merging from MoM or Dad...

Efrain Valles efrain at
Sat May 31 13:44:40 BST 2008

Dear all,

I am back at it again, I picked up the reins of MOTU hopefullness and I
am full spirited about it again. I am currently working on merges and
syncs. I have some prior experience from one merge I did in hardy and
frankly speaking, I was concentrating on getting it done. Now I am a bit
more aware of what is involved and I am paying maybe too much attention
to details. and that leads me to this email.

I am motivating a fellow LoCo team member to come working with packages.
and we decided to pick kguitar and I would guide through the basics. I
was using MoM ( and he was using dad
I knew that I had to expect some differences in content, but I found
some things that really confused me a bit.

I checked the merge and it all seems fine, except that in MoM the
makefile couldn't be merged and therefore generated a makefile.debian
and makefile.ubuntu, while in dad no issues were reported with regards
that same file.

another bit was the folder extracted for s to work on, My working
directory reflected the name of the ubuntu package while his was
oriented to the debian package. 

After speaking with people in #ubuntu-motu, I have learned:

1) this may be an isolated case of MoM is acting wierd.
2) this may be caused by difference in policies with regards merging
3) at times one must not trust neither MoM or dad to always do the right
thing (even if there are no conflicts).
4) be careful when you merge, and try hard to understand the resoning
behind the changes.

Are there any other things us starting out with merges should watch out
for? any tricks you would like to share?

Thanks for the support

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