Versioning problem and Fakesync

Miguel Angel Ruiz Manzano mruiz at
Sat May 17 08:00:39 BST 2008


I'm working on merges & syncs as many MOTU hopefuls. I found a
versioning problem with mailping [1], because Debian version is
0.0.4-2  and the last Ubuntu version is 0.0.4ubuntu5.

#dpkg --compare-versions 0.0.4-2 gt 0.0.4ubuntu5 ; echo $?

That means false (0.0.4ubuntu5 is greater than 0.0.4-2)

AFAIK I have to do a fakesync (grab the source from Debian and
change the version number). What would be a correct version for
this package?

#dpkg --compare-versions 0.0.4-2-foo gt 0.0.4ubuntu5 ; echo $?

0.0.4-2-foo works, but isn't the idea to use it.

Thanks in advance


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