Working with debianized sources not in ubuntu

Tim Bielawa tim at
Sun May 4 13:31:15 BST 2008

This is my first post here on my way to becoming a full fledged MOTU! 
Hopefully I'll soon be answering questions more than asking :)

I'm not sure how to deal with source that's already been debianized. 
There is a small blurb here on the wiki but I am not certain how to 
interpret what it says. The package I'll be updating and packaging for 
Ubuntu/Debian has an incorrect directory layout (<package>-<version> 
instead of <package>_<version>) and their FSF address is outdated, along 
with an "ancient" outdated Standards: version.


What I'd really like is if someone with more experience could elaborate 
on that point on our wiki in some more detail for me. I'd like to update 
that wiki page once I think I understand it better.

I've already gone and sent a patch upstream to the maintainer at so he could 
update his FSF addresses in his source.


-- Tim Bielawa
Ubuntu Science MOTU Team

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