Wiki page about NBS

Andrea Colangelo warp10 at
Sun Mar 2 22:52:26 GMT 2008

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort ha scritto:
> Cesare Tirabassi wrote:
>> I didn't know anything about NBS and that was a good lesson!
> That was indeed a nice read. 

Thank you Cesare and Emilio!

> I'm not sure what would be the best place for it
> (perhaps under UbuntuDevelopment or PackagingGuide), but at least it should be
> linked from UbuntuDevelopment/Abbreviations and maybe ArchiveAdministration (and
> the page could link to the "Cleaning up NBS" section at ArchiveAdministration).

I added a link to the page in UbuntuDevelopment/Abbreviations (an entry 
for NBS was already there).
Regarding UbuntuDevelopment/, it could be a good place for the page. 
IMHO, PackagingGuide is not suitable, since it is oriented towards brand 
new packaging.

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