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zhanhui li lizhanhui at
Tue Jul 22 04:21:55 BST 2008

Greetings to MOTU,
     I have used Ubuntu for several years, hoping to do something to
feedback to the community.
     I am a 21 years old Chinese man. Right now I am studying in a
university majoring in mathematics.  Ubuntu is the operating system of my
laptop and my Home desktop. I do not have much academic skills like software
engineering. but I can program toy programs using Java, fortran and Cpp.
(Java is the first advanced language I learned and it takes me two semesters
I have got almost the full score in the final.)
    I writes this mail for the purpose that I could do some work like
translating documents from English to Chinese. I have cracked TOEFL  lately
and Now I am preparing for GRE I think I am capable of doing that works. I
would be gratitude if anyone could told me where I should start with. Thanks
to everyone for your reading,
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