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Didier Roche didrocks at
Tue Jul 15 18:27:30 BST 2008

I am Didier Roche aka didrocks and I have been using Linux from 1999. I am a
system administrator living near Paris daily dealing with *NIX system (but
unfortunately, more on Unix based one than GNU/Linux). I learned a lot of
programming language (being fallen found of programming at a very early age)
and I am currently learning Python which seems to be very easy and

I started to use Ubuntu since the "no-name-yet", willing to get rid of
Debian as my daily desktop distribution (but I must admit that I still use
it for my servers today…). I am also the author of "Simple Comme Ubuntu"
("easy as Ubuntu"), a free (CC By-SA) book, part of the framabook collection
(see and try to contribute to the french Loco Team (as
being the secretary of the ubuntu-fr association) in the admin team. I am
finally currently developping a parental control GUI ( to make these functionalities easier to
access for parents who don't want to manually edit file parameters,
following Ubuntu guidance.

Regarding my technical skills (which may unfortunately, I think, be poors
compared to the Ubuntu/Debian developers) and my continuous desire to learn
new processes and domains, are why I want to apply in the MOTU learning
process. As I discussed extensively with Christophe Sauthier (huats) about
the new mentorship process (still in progress), he cheers me a lot in
applying for it. Indeed, I read a lot of documentation in the past two
weeks, but having a guide to know what is the right order to proceed seems
for me to be the best possible model to learn how to act positively (some
kind of "guided tour").

The strengh of Ubuntu is its community, let's be a real part of it and
contributing actively to the devel process !

More information in my wiki presentation :
and in my launchpad account :<>

Thanks to consider my application.
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