a little help with a cdbs issue

Efrain Valles efrain at ubuntu.org.ve
Wed Jan 30 10:29:54 GMT 2008

I did and the unresolved deps remains...

the missing lib is inside the package of the other .so file

from what I learned...

        <\sh>de-pim compiles into different binary packages, one it's
        called kdepim-kresources, where the kabc_*.so sits and also the
        libscalix.so.0 lib


        <\sh> the kabc_*.so is just a plugin so, and depends on
        libscalix*.so.0  lib in the very same binary package, just that
        libscalix*.so.0 is hiding in /usr/lib and the plugin one
        in /usr/lib/kde3/
        <\sh> I don't know of any other package depending on this
        libscalix*.so.0 lib so dh_shlibdeps should ignore it
        (-x<Packagename> or -Xkabc_*.so) or prepend LD_LIBRARY_PATH to
        it via -l<directory>

I can understand it up until know...

I would prefer the -lusr/lib switch

this was finally suggested:

        <\sh> isn't there a possibility to tell cdbs to just do it for
        this special package? like
        "DEB_SHLIBDEPS_ARGS_kdepim-kresource=-lusr/lib" or something?
        <sistpoty|work> \sh: and I guess it would be ...ARGS_... =

Thanks to the guys at #ubuntu-motu

I had to run to give a ubuntu talk at a university but after I got home
I got to read it and I understand partly where I am at with this build

Thank you all for your great support

El mar, 29-01-2008 a las 09:20 +0100, Morten Kjeldgaard escribió:
> Efrain,
> > I don't seem to have cdbs nor debhelper knowledge to figure this one
> > out. I would appreciate any doc that could help me get the knowledge I
> > need to test build this bug. Fixing it  was easy. testing that it  
> > works
> > is a bit tricky.
> Just put the options in the DEB_SHLIBDEPS_ARGS variable, i.e.
> DEB_SHLIBDEPS_ARGS = -xkdepim-kresources
> after the "include" statements in debian/rules
> Cheers,
> Morten
Efrain Valles
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