Package upload questions

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Tue Feb 12 13:56:21 GMT 2008

Jon Reagan wrote:
> I have 3 more questions, and they should be the last since OpenProj is
> just about ready to upload.

Replying to the mentors mailing list, as a better forum to ask this
sort of question.

> 1) I have signed the packages, but had to add -kGPGKEYID to the end of
> dpkg-buildpackage to do so.  Is this a problem?

    That typically indicates that your name as listed in the changelog
doesn't match your name as known to GPG (including the comment).  It
is preferred that -k is not used except for sponsoring, but it doesn't
cause any problems beyond easily matching identification for you to
sponsor your own uploads.

> 2) I will try to upload my packages this afternoon (from the -5hr point
> of view).  Which packages do I need to upload to REVU (I have
> the .dsc, .changes., and tar.gz)?

    Use `dput revu $(whatever)_source.changes` to upload your package.
 This should upload all of .changes, .dsc, .diff.gz, and .orig.tar.gz.

> 3) What is an Elgamal GPG key?  I read on the REVU wiki that I will need
> one for to log on to the web interface.

    It is a type of subkey created in your GPG key.  If you created a
new key, you likely received one by default.


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