My first package upgrade. I think I did it. (kipina 0.1.1 > 0.2.2)

Efrain Valles efrain at
Mon Feb 11 17:12:17 GMT 2008

hey all, I just wanted to share that I was able to finally get kipina
updated from version 0.1.1 to 0.2.2.

I learned a few tricks from a friend of mine and I fixed some small
issues with the package integrity. some files were being generated
under /usr/etc instead of /etc. I added new build dependencies and it
seems to work fine. 

Eventhough, I have been suggested that this package will die eventually,
as it has no maintainer in debian and upstream doesn't seem to be as
constant as one would expect. I have for the first time asked for an
upgrade. Even if it doesn't make it into hardy I just want to express
how satisfied I am at having accomplished this. I just tried out
something that at a point I thought would be impossible to understand.

I will be documenting this tomorrow in my MOTU journal and my blog. I
just though I'd share this milestone in my pursuit for MOTU.

Thanks you all,

special mention to Jose Parrella (debian developer) Debian Developer
from Venezuela who really helped me a lot in this little package.

Efrain Valles
MOTU hopeful
Ubuntu-ve LoCo Team Contact
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