Help requested on package maintaining

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Wed Feb 6 12:09:32 GMT 2008

Cesare Falco wrote:
> I have a couple of questions on package maintaining best practices,
> and I hope this is the right place to ask. If not, please forgive me
> and point me to a more proper place.

    This is precisely the correct place.  For more interactive
answers, it may also be beneficial to ask on #ubuntu-motu.

> 1. I took a deep look at the wiki, but I couldn't find anything
> similar to a new maintainer guide. Is there any suggested reading I
> didn't notice?

    Such a guide doesn't really exist for Ubuntu.  The Debian
developers reference is probably the closest useful document, but as
Ubuntu focuses on team maintenance rather than individual maintenance,
some things are different.  You may find the debian meta-reference (1)
a useful set of reading.

> 2. I received a bunch of automated emails from Launchpad as one of my
> packages (sdlmame) couldn't be built on "esotic" archs, namely sparc,
> powerpc and hppa. How can I try those builds again? On my PPA the only
> archs available are amd64, i386 and lpia. Is there some configuration
> I missed?

    You might ask if someone else has access to that hardware to run a
test build.  In many cases, the build report should tell you something
about what went wrong, and the porting teams are typically happy to
help suggest workarounds.

> 3. Also, just a week after being accepted, a new upstream version of
> the package has been released. How can I upload the new release?

    Please package the new upstream, ensuring that there is a working
watch file or get-orig-source rule.  Then look for (or open) an bug
asking for upgrade to the new version (add the "upgrade" tag), attach
the diff.gz that resulted from your update, and subscribe the sponsors
queue.  There is a recipe (2), but it may be a bit out of date with
respect to current practices: please feel free to ask if there is any



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