package upgrade question (kipina 1.1 to kipina 2.2)

Efrain Valles efrain at
Tue Feb 5 14:13:24 GMT 2008

I have removed the files that are not in the new upstream version from
debian/kipina.install, and It know builds a binary package. however when
I tried:

debuild -us -uc && dh_install --list-missing

It complains that I haven't met build dependencies.

        valles at gutsy-hal:~/MOTU/kipina/kipina-0.2.2$ debuild -us -uc &&
        dh_install --list-missing
        dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Dependencias de construcción no alcanzadas:
        debuild: fatal error at line 993:
        You do not appear to have all build dependencies properly met,
        (Use -d flag to override.)
        If you have the pbuilder package installed you can run
        /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends as root to install the
        required packages, or you can do it manually using dpkg or apt
        the error messages just above this message.
I want to know what files I should include in the kipina.install,
I know that if I install the build dependencies for the package I will
solve the problem. but then my system will have a bunch of dev packages.
is there another way to do this? 

Thanks you all for your help 

El mar, 05-02-2008 a las 08:24 +0100, Daniel Holbach escribió:
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> Efrain Valles schrieb:
> > I found that. The file was removed and many others too. I am not sure
> > what to do. I can surely remove the ones that got removed but how can I
> > know what to add in install sone new files must be there too.
> > 
> > I have the time for this, Just drop me a URL for me to read. So far I
> > have found little
> You will need to find out what was removed in the new upstream revision
> and also remove that from debian/*install.
> One tool I recommend to find out what was *added* to the new upstream
> version and is not being installed to the package is running:
>   debuild -us -uc && dh_install --list-missing
> Hope that helps. Have a nice day,
>  Daniel
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