Check for en_US.UTF-8 during build process

Lars Wirzenius lars at
Mon Dec 22 05:45:46 GMT 2008

su, 2008-12-21 kello 19:37 -0500, Peter van der Does kirjoitti:
> I have a package that during the building does some checks for
> en_US.UTF-8 compatibility.
> I use pbuilder locally, but would like to use PPA later on.
> The check fails as the en_US.UTF-8 isn't installed, adding locales to
> the control file doesn't seem to work. When the build fails and I stay
> in pbuilder, run "locale-gen en_US.UTF-8" and run the check again it
> passes.
> How do install the en_US.UTF-8 through the build process?

You shouldn't do that: having a package build install other packages, or
modify the system configuration in any way, is bad for the health of the
system. It would be very surprising to the sysadmin if building a
package would make their system act differently in the future.

Furthermore, packages are typically not built using the root user, so
you can't do that in the common case.

The real question is, why does the package check for that specific
locale? Can you figure that out? Perhaps it would be equally satisfied
with the "C" locale?

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