Building a metapackage

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux at
Wed Aug 6 06:29:45 BST 2008


I am still on my packaging experiment, and to wrap up my work I need to
provide on upgrade path from the old package set to the new one. For this
I think I should use a few metackages, as we have broken some packages in
smaller ones, and these have different names.

So I have been trying to build metapackages, and failing. I know the
answers to my question must be somewhere in the docs, but I can't find
them, so please bear with me.

My metapackages contains as little a possible, obviously, but probably
too little. When I try to buuild them via launchpad or in pbuilder, I get

 dpkg-genchanges -b -mUbuntu/i386 Build Daemon <buildd at iridium.ppa>
dpkg-genchanges: failure: cannot read files list file: No such file or
 (full error log on

This could be because my rules file is wrong or something else (missing a
debian/files file? In which case how do I generate it?).
To help you diagnose the problem, here is my rules file:

#!/usr/bin/make -f



binary-indep: build install
    dh_testdir -i
    dh_testroot -i
    dh_installdocs -i
    dh_installchangelogs -i
    dh_compress -i
    dh_fixperms -i
    dh_installdeb -i
    dh_gencontrol -i
    dh_md5sums -i
    dh_builddeb -i

binary: binary-indep binary-arch
.PHONY: build clean binary-indep binary-arch binary install

Sorry for being such a drag, I couldn't find any easy-to-grok information
on building metapackages.



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