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Mon Aug 4 19:25:53 BST 2008

Dear all!

I've been discussing with Cesare Tirabassi the need of having a Schedule,
Guidelines or a Tasks list for the Mentoring Process. By this I mean that
the mentoring process should have a schedule, or guidelines, so that mentors
and mentees can follow them, and set tasks for the mentees.

Having an schedule, or guidelines, will benefit the learning process, by
providing a set of tasks that mentees/mentors should follow so that the
learning process is equal to everyone. The teaching process will be more
accurate and organized, and mentors will be able to keep track of the
progress of the mentee in a better way. All mentees will learn the same
things by following these guidelines, and by having an schedule, the
learning process will be more organized.

I, as a mentee, feel that we really need to have guidelines, that will guide
us through the mentoring process. This should set the things that our
mentors should cover over the mentoring process, and the things that we
should be able to do after the mentoring process has finished. Having a set
of tasks will ensure that all mentees are learning and working on the same
things. By having an schedule, we can organize more our time, and decide how
much time we will take on every guideline/task we should follow, (based on
the schedule, we can decide to do it faster, or take more time in some other
things and so on).

Finally, i really think that this will improve the Mentoring Process for
both, mentors and mentees, and will ensure that all mentees cover the same
objectives, tasks, or things we should be covering during the mentoring
process. For mentors, we would make their lifes easier, since they wouldn't
have to worry about on how they are going to help the mentees, because we
will just have to follow the guidelines/tasks and mentors will just help, an
evaluate us through every phase.


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