Fwd: [Motu-mentoring-reception] Minutes of the Meeting of the Motu Mentoring Reception of the 31/07/2007

Cesare Tirabassi norsetto at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 1 14:19:19 BST 2008

We believe that issues discussed during the Mentoring Reception meetings (held 
at 1 month interval) are potentially of interest to the whole community.
We have therefore decided to circulate minutes through the ubuntu-motu and 
ubuntu-motu-mentors mailing lists.
Please let us know if you think this is not appropriate.


MOTU Mentoring Reception Meeting

Place : #ubuntu-meeting

Participants from the mentoring reception team:
Cesare Tirabassi (norsetto)
Charlie Smotherman (porthose)
Christophe Sauthier (huats)

Nicolas Valcárcel (Nxvl) (Holidays)

Additional attenders:
Sarah Hobbs (Hobbsee)
James Westby (james_w)
Raphaël Pinson (raphink)
Nathan Handler (nhandler)
Colin Watson (cjwatson)

Agenda :

1. Status of new requests
The current list :
• hanno should be ready to be mentored; porthose will ping him.
• james d carroll will be contacted by porthose. The email regarding
his request can be found here :
• James Emerson request is being dealt with by nxvl (which is currently on 

2. Status of mentors
After many ping on IRC, huats has not been able to talk with slomo
and jcorbier. For the time being, they will removed from the mentor list.
raphink was at the meeting and confirmed that he is still happy to
be mentoring senior contributors. Since he was not completely comfortable with 
the new process, it sounds as some motus are not yet aware of the change.

3. Recruitment of new mentors
How to recruit more mentors ? Right now norsetto is contacting every
new u-u-c and MOTU explaining them the mentoring process. nhandler
proposes to introduce a kind of reward/privilege for mentors, but
norsetto and huats wonder about its do-ability (shirts ?)
It has been pointed out that mentoring is considered a credit for motuship
or for core dev application.
Anyway mentoring should not be compulsory, and is up to the will of concerned 
persons if and how they would like to help contributors.

4. Transition to new program
The status of the remaining mentors/mentees from the old process is :
• dholbach is on holidays and huats has applied to u-u-c
• asac is working well with jazzva and dfiloni
• jr is working with Lydia Pintscher
• huats to contact TheMuso to know more about the mentoring of AstralJava

5. Mailing list
No news from rt since the request 9 days ago. Our private ML seems to
be working well so far.
Hobbsee said that TB recommends strongly that ubuntu ML go to
lists.ubuntu.com, and thus to contact jcastro and to fill a request to
rt at ubuntu.com. norsetto confirms that this is what has been done

6. Interface with MOTU school
james_w is running the school all alone, so he wouldn't mind a little help to 
get new lecturers since this is the current important matter.
Once again norsetto proposed to send an email to every u-u-c and new
MOTU to incite them to go forward. It has also been proposed to send
an email to mentors and mentees asking them what they think they need
to help them (for mentee), and what is missing to their mentee (for
mentors). Norsetto will deal with that mail.

Actions from this meeting:
porthose to contact hanno and james d caroll, to find a matching mentor.
huats to contact slomo and jcorbier to know their intention about mentoring.
huats to contact TheMuso to know more about his current mentoring of 
norsetto to send an email to ask mentors and mentees what lectures
they think should be given in the classroom.
norsetto to send an email to encourage u-u-c and motu to participate
as lecturers in classroom.

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