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Kjeldgaard Morten mok at
Tue Sep 18 19:22:14 BST 2007

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know something about TclX?

I am working on a package -- torque queue manager system,  
restricted :-( -- that needs Tcl/Tk/TclX, and uses the tcl*  
files to configure those.

However,  the tclx version 8.4 package lacks the  
script, which exists in the older 8.3 version. I checked the sources  
of both versions, and it seems that a major reorganization of the  
source code has taken place between the two versions. Where tcl 8.3  
generated via configure, that piece of code has  
disappeared in 8.4. The developers probably forgot about it, because  
the equivalent and files both exist in the  
corresponding packages.

Therefore, to avoid doing major surgery on the torque autoconf  
system, I am forced to use tcl/tk/tclx 8.3.

The latest release of TclX from is 8.4.0, from  
nov. 21, 2005, so it kind of looks like development has slowed to a  

What's going on with TclX? Can I count on continued support for tcl8.3?


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