A Windows programmer wants to make some progress...

Selene Lee 1024kb at 163.com
Fri Oct 26 11:35:14 BST 2007

Hello everyone,

Today it was my first time to use IRC, i met great people there... As a
Windows programmer I even did not know how to run a script...

I got some help from the friends there.

Now i want to download the tools for a MOTU... could anyone help me?

And i want to know how to use the tools and deal with the packages. As a
Windows user i know so far is i need the tools, and the method of
dealing with the packages.

I guess that many Windows users want to contribute, but they could meet
the problems that i meet, giving them some instruction the problems will
be solved and they will work happily and smoothly...

I wish that i could solve my problems soon!

If i finally can get things done i will write down my experience for the
reference of the Windows users who want to contribute...

Thanks and best regards,

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