We're coming

Selene Lee 1024kb at 163.com
Mon Nov 19 05:01:20 GMT 2007

Hello everyone,

After a long time of silence i want to say hello again. These day of
studying packaging and merging really made me feel kind of difficult,
but still happy and grateful - i must thank my teacher Cesare, i must
thank him for helping me a lot on IRC, and i must thank other friends -
such as persia, geser, jpatrick, dholbach, Stevenk...

Thank you, for your help and your encouragement!

Last weekend i brought my new friend Maia with me, a girl also, who is
interested in packaging too. She has begun her studying of packaging and
merging. She is also a programmer under windows. I am so happy that we
can study together - hope that 2 heads will be better than one. I guess
that we both will appear on IRC MUTO channel soon, :-) We will work hard
and make progress together.

Best regards,

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