My Apologizes

Nicolas Valcarcel nvalcarcel at
Sat Nov 17 00:57:02 GMT 2007

I need to say sorry for the last week i've been a little away of IRC, LP and
Ubuntu contributing, i've had 3 long and hard weeks at work with lots of
forensix and EHs and final works on the university which has apart me a lot
of the ubuntu project, so i gave my apologizes to all i hope this days are
lighter to focus my efforts on contributing :D

On other news, last Saturday the Peruvian LoCo team participate on a local
conference with a stand where we offer Ubuntu cd's and make some
demostrations of a running ubuntu, and we have had LOTS of people, there
where always between 10 and 20 different people asking for help, asking what
is ubuntu, and we see a lot of interest on them.

Yo can see some pictures here ->

aka nxvl
Yo uso Software Libre, y tu?
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