Reading stack traces from bug reports

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Tue Nov 13 23:46:03 GMT 2007

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Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> Hello all!
> Emmet Hikory has volunteered for running a session about how to read stack
> traces (thanks Emmet!).
> (quoting from wikipedia):
> "A stack trace (also called stack backtrace or stack traceback) is a report of
> the active stack frames instantiated by the execution of a program. They are
> mostly used to aid debugging by showing where exactly an error occurs. The last
> few stack frames often indicate the origin of the bug."
> So knowing them well means you will be able to triage a lot of more bug reports,
> and possibly fixing them. Also, since these reports are usually crashes they are
> very important, so don't doubt this is an incredible opportunity for learning a
> very important stuff.
> It will be run this Saturday at 11:00 UTC on #ubuntu-classroom on Freenode. So
> if you are interested on it, just join us there! It will be a really interesting
> session and we will learn a very useful thing, with our master persia.
> So don't forget to come, and also let your friends know about this, so they can
> join too!
> See you there,
> Emilio
This is great to hear.  I (sadly) won't be able to attend at that time, but I
look forward to reading the log.

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