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Cesare Tirabassi norsetto at
Sun Nov 11 20:39:40 GMT 2007

On Sunday 11 November 2007 02:16:10 Emanuele Gentili wrote:
> Hello,
> my name is Emanuele (I'm also known as emgent on freenode).

Welcome to the list Emanuele.

> I would like if I could get a mentor to help me here and there with
> the packages and patches.

Please have a careful look at this page:

about what a Mentor will help you with.

While we seek a suitable mentor for you, I can advise you to:

browse through these pages:

read the Packaging Guide and try to 
repeat some of the examples.

Remember that you can always find somebody willing to help on freenode, 


MOTU Mentoring Reception

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