Reserving a package to work on it

Andy Price andy-price at
Sat Jun 2 12:51:31 BST 2007

On 02/06/07 11:34, Miguel Ruiz wrote:
> Hi,
Hi Miguel

> I think that we must use a better way to assign packages, because
> sometimes the "email system" doesn't work very well (What happen if
> someone is MIA?) and DaD, sometimes is not accurate.
> My idea is "to block" the package for a period of time, using an ITW
> (intent to work: in this case merge or sync), as Debian. I don't know
> if LP will implement this feature.
> I'm waiting your comments,

The merging guide at does say to
file a bug before you start a merge and then attach a debdiff to the bug
once you're finished. I think what you're suggesting would be
accomplished by a stronger enforcement of this guideline, and the
addition to always check for an open (recent) merge bug before carrying
out the merge.

Personally, I forget about asking the person who last changed the
package and just get on with trying to merge it. Then if I'm successful,
I file a merge bug and upload my debdiff so the MOTUs can decide whether
they accept it or not. The other approach seems to lose the benefit of
team maintainership, to me. Although, it could be that a particular MOTU
is an expert on a package and should look at it instead. But if you've
done it first and it's good enough to be uploaded then maybe they should
have been quicker to pick up the job ;)

That said, I think your e-mail would be more affective on the
ubuntu-motu list, as I'm not sure if as many MOTUs are subscribed to
this one.

That's my two pence,

Andy Price

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