Packages for REVU please

Neil Wilson aldursys at
Sun Jul 29 08:13:53 BST 2007

Following on from my previous messages, I've uploaded a couple of
packages into REVU.

If a kind MOTU could look at them and give some feedback I'd
appreciate it. I'm hopeful they're in good order.

The first is sqlite-ruby which is the interface library used by Ruby
on Rails to talk to SQLite v2 databases. sqlite3-ruby is already
packaged and in universe. This library fills the gap. Package upload
at, and associated
launchpad bug at

The second is mongrel which is the preferred application server used
by Ruby on Rails applications. The package comes from the Debian
ruby-extras team where it is awaiting final upload. I've put this
version forward into Ubuntu so that it doesn't miss the Gutsy cut.
Package is at and
associated launchpad bug at

Thanks to all.


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