Getting a 'stuck' Debian package into Ubuntu

Neil Wilson aldursys at
Sat Jul 21 12:13:42 BST 2007

Another policy/procedure question.

I'm looking at getting Mongrel (used extensively with Ruby on Rails
installations) into the Gutsy distribution. The package has been prepared
and is pretty much ready to go now, but is being prepared by the Debian Ruby
Extras guys. Unfortunately their uploaders are more strapped back than the
Ubuntu MOTU guys.

Obviously I'm pressing for inclusion in Debian sid/experimental so that I
can just do a sync, but the package creator has asked if there is a way of
getting it straight into Ubuntu.

Am I OK just to create a 0ubuntu1 release, sign it and upload into REVU as
usual, or can somebody suggest a better way of getting this package into the
distribution before Gutsy goes into Universe Freeze.



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