Rick Hodgin foxmuldr at
Tue Jul 10 17:01:24 BST 2007

I read in the MOTU guides that mentors are needed to support/help
MOTU-Hopefuls grow from young Padawans into full-on MOTUs.  In my case,
as a long-time Windows developer with solid skills, I know that this
would be most desirable.  If there were someone who could answer the
questions quickly about how to do certain things, it would help make the
transition much more smooth.

I see in Daniel's "Experiences with the new MOTO Mentoring process"
email that there are some good things happening.  I would definitely
like to be involved in the mentoring process and hopefully someday, also
then be a mentor to someone else.

Also, note that I've found it personally surprising that I've been so
interested in going forward with Ubuntu development.  It's just like
this:  When I found Ubuntu it seems (to me at least) to be the first
decent Linux distro I've seen.  Does anyone else feel the same way?

- Rick C. Hodgin

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