Introduction, offering help for unicorn package

Philippe Coval rzr at
Sat Dec 29 15:14:46 GMT 2007


I recently joined LP [0] and this is my firstpost in this list.

I've been using freesoftware for a bit more than a decade 
 and I try to contribute when possible [1] .

Otherwise I work as a programmer (mostly C/C++ java and scripting) [2] 
 and I am interessed in various topics such as 
 Multimedia (3D, Sound, Video), Realtime communication (voip, im), 
 Mobile computing, QA etc.

Currently I am active in various projects such as debian [3] 
 but now my short term goal is to make a modem usable
 for my familly and friends who are happy with ubuntu distro which
 I setup for them since breezy.

Now, I'd like to update the obsolete unicorn package in archives [4]

I can also help on debian side since I am in the DD process too.

That's all for 2007 see you next year on online (/msg rzr on IRC)


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