MOTU school - we need your help and ideas

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Mon Dec 3 07:34:26 GMT 2007

Thanks a lot James, for kicking this off. Mailing it out to Mentors and
Devel list too!

Have a nice day,

On Sa, 2007-12-01 at 12:02 +0000, James Westby wrote:
> I want to get the MOTU school[0] up and running again. I have spoken
> briefly with Daniel, and there is a place for it to complement the
> packaging 101 sessions and the Q+A sessions. This means we need ideas
> for sessions that are not basic packaging, and are too complex for a
> quick answer during a Q+A session.
> I have cleaned up the requests page[1], but left most the requests that
> were already there. This means that we have some ideas, but I'm sure
> there are many more.
> It doesn't matter whether your a long-time MOTU, or just starting
> out with packaging, you probably have some areas of the work that
> you are not familiar with. Don't know how to package a web-app/python
> bindings/perl library/shared library/gnome-panel plugin/whatever? Add
> it to the list. Don't know how to prepare a security upload/backport/
> new upstream version/freeze exception/sync/merge/stable release
> update/whatever? Add it to the list. Don't know how
> to use cdbs/uscan/bzr/REVU/pbuilder/whatever? Add it to the list. All
> we ask is that it is not too basic, or too simple as explained above,
> but if in doubt add it to the list and we'll tell you. I've also added
> a primitive voting system to the page, so if there is a talk listed
> there that you would really like to see then add your vote to it,
> and we will try and schedule it sooner.
> Obviously someone needs to actually give these sessions. That means that
> we need volunteers with expertise in certain areas to step
> forward and present these sessions. So, if you are fairly experienced,
> at least in some areas, please head on over to the requests page[1] and
> put your name down next to sessions that you would feel comfortable
> talking about. You don't need to know every last detail of that subject,
> but some level of familiarity is desirable. It is obviously possible
> to have multiple presenters, so if you think you know someone who would
> fill the gaps in your knowledge on a subject then ask them if they
> would help you to present on it. If you don't know who that person is
> then please put your name down with a note that you would like a
> co-presenter, listing the area that you would like them to be 
> knowledgeable in if applicable.
> As for running the sessions we haven't made any decisions yet. I would
> guess that they may be monthly, as long as we have talks to give
> and volunteers to give them, at a time that fits in well with the other
> MOTU events. This will be decided once we have our first session to
> give, and will leave enough time to promote the event well enough.
> Please head on over to 
> and suggest a talk, or volunteer to give one, or just vote on one that
> you would like to see. It's a great way to fill in the gaps in
> your knowledge.
> Thanks,
> James
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