[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 1022921] Re: Banshee ignores the last track of playlists/albums

Roberto Gordo Saez rgs at zenvoid.org
Tue Jul 10 13:27:14 UTC 2012

Starting with an empty database does not fix it, unfortunately.

I've been doing some more tests: starting banshee in maximized state
does not show the bug, so it is a workaround (looks quite ugly with a
very high resolution monitor, but well...). Starting non-maximized
losses the last track until the window, or just the playlist frame, is
resized. The missing track magically appears when the UI is resized and
everything works until I close and start banshee again.

The last track can't be seen and can't be selected with mouse, but it
*can* be played if I select it with the keyboard (selecting the last
visible item, then arrow down and enter). So I guess it is a
visualization issue in the scrolling area, the track seems to be there,
just hidden.

I wonder, if it's not reproducible in your banshee maybe something else
may be corrupted here...

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  Banshee ignores the last track of playlists/albums

Status in “banshee” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Package: banshee
  Architecture: amd64
  Version: 2.4.1-3ubuntu1~precise1

  If I select a playlist with 30 files, banshee will show 29 files
  instead, the last track is not shown nor played. Though the data is
  correctly reported in the statusbar (30 songs - 2 hours, 21 minutes,
  17 seconds - 204.9 MB), the list view is missing the last file.

  The bug also happens when I view the whole library and pick an album
  with 20 tracks (only 19 are shown), and automatic and static
  playlists. It does not happen when the track list contains only a few
  files, it seems to be related to the scroll area. If the playlist fits
  in the screen without scrollbars, all tracks are displayed correctly,
  but when scrollbars are added, the last track is excluded from the
  list and not accesible.

  This happens on version 2.4.1-3ubuntu1~precise1 in Ubuntu 12.04, and
  also happens with older releases of banshee packages for 12.04. It was
  working correctly on previous Ubuntu releases, but I'm afraid I can't
  tell exactly when this bug was introduced.

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