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On 2007-05-09T18:38:42+00:00 Janne Hyötylä wrote:

Version:           1.4.5 (using KDE KDE 3.5.6)
Installed from:    Ubuntu Packages

The special multimedia keys of certain keyboards (play, pause, next
track, etc.) do not work anymore, when running Amarok under Gnome 2.18.

The keys are recognized in "Global Shortcuts" settings, but pressing
them does not have any effect. Any normal shortcuts like Super+X work

Apparently there is a new Dbus interface for multimedia keys since Gnome

Here is a link to Ubuntu bugtracker which might provide more info:

Also a link to Gnome bugtracker for Banshee music player which had the same problem. There is a patch for Banshee there; maybe it's useful to fixing this in amarok too:

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On 2007-05-10T02:54:01+00:00 Ruiz-c wrote:

You are asking us to implement a Gnome specific interface for the
multimedia keys? No thanks, we're a kde app, and that is just going to
pull more dependencies and configure checks.

Perhaps this will be able to be sorted when we reach Amarok 2 where KDE
will be using dbus.

(or maybe i misunderstand the bug)

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On 2007-05-10T18:14:52+00:00 Janne Hyötylä wrote:

I am not a programmer, but I don't think you would need more dependencies. Just check if the new interface is available, if yes use it, if not, use the old. This is what the Banshee people did. Did you look at their patch?
Maybe the change is trivial since the keys are basically recognized correctly and everything worked in Gnome 2.16 and earlier?

But these are all guesses since I don't know anything about the program
code of amarok.

I think there are a lot Gnome amarok users and it would be too bad if they lost this functionality.
Or would you say that fixing this is the responsibility of distributors?

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On 2007-06-17T22:05:59+00:00 Yoden-ss wrote:

As a workaround, use keytouch:

(shamelessly stolen from the gnome bug thread)

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On 2007-06-22T16:22:17+00:00 BrowneR wrote:

I have written a script for Amarok that can be used to fix this issue.

Get it here: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=60910

or alternatively it should be available for install via Amarok's built
in script manager.

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On 2007-06-22T17:14:16+00:00 Maximilian-kossick-1 wrote:

It is available in Amarok's script manager automatically :)

Thanks for your help Chris!

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On 2007-06-22T17:37:34+00:00 Ian Monroe wrote:

And Seb is correct. Looking at the script we will be able to implement
this when we have DBus in Amarok 2.0.

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/amarok/+bug/87299/comments/35

On 2012-08-04T11:51:26+00:00 Myriam Schweingruber wrote:

Closing correctly as Amarok 1.x is unmaintained since quite some time

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  Multimedia keys not working in Feisty (no need to confirm behavior

Status in The Amarok Music Player:
Status in Banshee Music Player:
  Fix Released
Status in “amarok” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in “banshee” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Binary package hint: banshee

  See bug #32917 for a bug in Rhythmbox.

  Banshee's multimedia keys are not working here. For me, the problem
  happened at the same time that they broke for Rhythmbox, but now that
  RB is working again, Banshee's still are not.

  0.11.7 on Feisty

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