[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 729496] Re: [FFe] Upgrade of hyena from 0.3 to 0.5

Iulian Udrea iulian at linux.com
Sat Mar 5 12:40:35 UTC 2011

Can you get this in Debian first and then request a sync?

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  [FFe] Upgrade of hyena from 0.3 to 0.5

Status in “hyena” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Relevant upstream NEWS entries:-

  Version 0.5 - Oct 6, 2010

  Add .config file to hyena.pc's Files variable

  Version 0.4 - Oct 5, 2010

  * Update to build on Windows with MonoDevelop 2.2.1
  * Disable CheckForOverflowUnderflow in many .csproj
  * Can now include hyena as a git submodule within other projects

  * Bind gtk_show_uri (bgo#587320)
  * Add StringUtil.EscapeLike
  * Add stream based hashing
  * Add an ApplicationName property to ApplicationContext
  * New SafeUri class
  * New Hyena.Downloader namespace/API
  * New Paths class (bgo#605891)
  * Handle bad indices in MemoryListModel
  * Fix LruCache item expiration
  * Add thread id to Hyena.Log when debugging.
  * Fix file location queries (bgo#612152)
  * Make CryptoUtil.Md5Encode thread-safe
  * [Json] Add serializer
  * New Hyena.Metrics classes for instrumenting apps
  * More extensive platform detection probing
  * Bundle HttpUtility; dependency on System.Web (bgo#607713)

  * New ListView grid mode
  * Fix ListView a11y crasher (bgo#615892).
  * [Hyena.Gui] Fix ActionManager toolitem icon sizing bgo#609265

  * Add HYENA_MD5 method
  * Extend SqliteConnection to handle double and nullable values.
  * Case-insensitive column checks
  * Add BinaryFunction class; Lets extensions etc call custom methods
    from SQL even if they're not loaded initially
  * Fix exception handling (bgo#609799)

  Aaron Bockover, Alan McGovern, Alexander Kojevnikov, Anders Petersson,
  Andrés G. Aragoneses, Bertrand Lorentz, David Nielsen, Gabriel Burt,
  Ján Sokoly, Jeroen Budts, Mike Gemünde, Paul Lange, Pete Johanson,
  Ruben Vermeersch, Sandy Armstrong

  This version of hyena is required for pdfmod 0.9.1, which is a bugfix release, sporting a number of bugfixes (at least 8, none from LP) and translation updates.

  Currently, Pdfmod is the only reverse-build-depends of libhyena-cil-dev. Any regressions that appear in Hyena will show up in Pdfmod, but this is outweighed by the number of bugfixes that are coming in via the new release of Pdfmod.

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