[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 665516] Re: Canon 20D camera not detected by f-spot and nautilus

Ruben Vermeersch ruben at savanne.be
Sat Oct 23 11:40:43 BST 2010

In f-spot we rely on gvfsd-gphoto2 for providing us with photo
information. The fact that gphoto2 sees the camera but gvfs-gphoto2 does
not leads me to suspect that this is an issue with gvfs, with the
unfortunate result that f-spot does not see the camera.

Shotwell uses GPhoto2 directly, which is prone to locking issues with
gvfs-gphoto2 (exactly the reason why we migrated away from libgphoto2).
This bug will affect Shotwell as well should they make the same

Normally there should not be a discrepancy between gphoto2 and gvfs-

** Package changed: f-spot (Ubuntu) => gvfs (Ubuntu)

Canon 20D camera not detected by f-spot and nautilus
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu
CLI/Mono Uploaders, which is subscribed to f-spot in ubuntu.

Status in “gvfs” package in Ubuntu: New

Bug description:
Binary package hint: f-spot

I have been using F-spot to download my camera photos in Ubuntu for 3 years.

After upgrading to Maverick, I am unable to do so. The camera is not available in f-spot, nor is it seen in Places-computer.

Both the camera and connection are good, because I can see and download photos using Shotwell.

Here is more information:

[   67.328040] usb 2-4: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 4

l at workstation01:~$ gphoto2 --auto-detect

Model                          Port                                            
Canon EOS 20D (PTP mode)       usb:            
Canon EOS 20D (PTP mode)       usb:002,007   

l at workstation01:~$ gvfs-mount -l
Drive(0): 160 GB Hard Disk
  Type: GProxyDrive (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
  Volume(0): OS
    Type: GProxyVolume (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
    Mount(0): OS -> file:///media/OS
      Type: GProxyMount (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
Drive(1): 120 GB Hard Disk
  Type: GProxyDrive (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
  Volume(0): ARMAZEM
    Type: GProxyVolume (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
    Mount(0): ARMAZEM -> file:///media/ARMAZEM
      Type: GProxyMount (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
  Volume(1): MULTIMEDIA
    Type: GProxyVolume (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
    Mount(0): MULTIMEDIA -> file:///media/MULTIMEDIA
      Type: GProxyMount (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
Drive(2): CD/DVD Drive
  Type: GProxyDrive (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
Drive(3): CD/DVD Drive
  Type: GProxyDrive (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)

Also, after connecting the camera:
l at workstation01:~$ ps aux |grep gphoto2
miguel    1805  0.0  0.1   8576  3032 ?        S    11:05   0:00 /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor

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