[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 451629] Re: banshee slow connection mode

aloctavodia aloctavodia at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 06:48:28 GMT 2010

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: banshee
  this is not a bug, but a whislist
  Listening to Last.fm on a slow internet conenection is annoying.
  I propose a "slow connection mode". this mode could be activated by the
  user (just clicking a convenient-icon). When banshee operated on this
  mode banshee store more Mb of the audio streaming before start the
  reproduction and (if last.fm allow this) instead of waiting for the
  current song to be fully-played banshee should begin to download (but
  not play) the next song; hence not wasting time during songs.
  I don´t know if this is a very complicated to implement  feature and I
  don´t if it could make some difference when streaming using slow
  connection. what do you think?
+ note added 2010/03/14 hummmm may be a very stupid idea, Nobody even take
+ the time to say it is actually stupid ;-)

banshee slow connection mode
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