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Ecent years in the neighbouring territories of Ceylon, Siam, Indonesia
and the Malayan Peninsula,--a vast and highly meritorious undertaking
still in its initial stage of development, and conferring a great and
imperishable lustre on its valiant initiators--must be energetically
prosecuted notwithstanding the unsettled political situation prevailing
in those territories, and however threatening the clouds gathering on
the international horizon. The movement and settlement of pioneers
throughout India, Pakistan and Burma must, moreover, continue unabated
and must be paralleled by a steady multiplication of Baha'i Centres and
the consolidation of nascent institutions, the negotiations with the
civil authorities, however disillusioning and unfruitful they have been
so far in their results, must continue to be conducted with extreme
vigilance and unrelaxing vigour. The highly commendable task of
completing the translation and publication of the "New Era" in the
languages already chosen should be promptly and befittingly consummated.
The efforts exerted to publicize the Faith, disseminate its teachings
and spread its fame, should be redoubled by all administrative agencies
concerned with this vital sphere of Baha'i activity. The sacred duty of
deepening and enriching the spiritual life of the newly enrolled
believers should be faithfully discharged by both the local and national
elected representatives of these communities. The added responsibility
of contributing to the raising of the superstructure of the Bab's holy
Sepulchre, now entering upon the second phase of its construction, and
of speeding its consummation in view of the increasingly critical world
condition, should be valiantly faced and nobly discharged. Above all,
the inescapa
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