[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 678116] Re: Use a standard way to highlight elements

Vish 678116 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sat Dec 4 12:01:30 GMT 2010

What David is referring to is the selected color.
Attaching a comparison with a GNOME app,[RB just happened to be the one I could
find with 3panes]

Notice that all the three panes appear with the same 'active orange' color,
irrespective of where the cursor is pressed.

This is because Banshee uses only bg[SELECTED] for the color in all three panes
and only text[SELECTED] in the browser view.

Oddly, Banshee uses the text[ACTIVE] color in the source view alone. Hence we
can notice that once the selection is in the other two panes, the font color
changes to black. 

Usually themes define :
    bg[SELECTED]      = "#foo"
    bg[ACTIVE]        = "#foo"

    text[SELECTED]    = "#foo"
    text[ACTIVE]      = "#foo"

Most of the GNOME apps use this to differentiate the selected/active

** Attachment added: "banshee-vs-gnomeapps.png"

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** Changed in: banshee (Ubuntu)
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** Summary changed:

- Use a standard way to highlight elements
+ Unable to recognize active pane

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  Unable to recognize active pane

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Bug description:
  Binary package hint: banshee

I have noticed that Banshee does not seem to follow the way other apps in Ubuntu highlight items, or show the active pane; normally apps highlight items using an orange colour, which changes to grey when that pane (or the whole app) is not focused.

Instead, Banshee seems to use orange for all panes, the focused one as well as the unfocused, and shows which pane is focused by drawing a second border inside it. This deviation from the norm makes more difficult to guess what will happen if you press a given key (e.g. the tab key or a direction key), so using the standard way would be beneficial.

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